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Online Salary Slip System and Practical Benefits That You Must Know!

BizGuru.me – When time for payroll arrived, the company must give money to its employees. This gift can be given directly, or sent through a bank account owned by the employee. Of course, then the salary must also be accompanied by a payment slip. This process can be done more practically by using an online system.

For office workers in the past, they must be familiar with this document. Regardless of its shape, the slip is used by the company to display the details of payments, benefits, and reductions of the granted salary. Practically, this is a form of company transparency and evidence that employees work for the company.

For own employees, payment slips can be used for various purposes. For example, to edit an item or apply for a loan from the bank. Banks or stores that provide credit or debt services will use SLIPs as a measure of employee economic capabilities.

The online system that is now being implemented in many companies itself aims to simplify the process of sending this document. The previous file must be printed and included in the salary envelope can now be easily sent by e-mail or the HR application used by the company.

Ease of online salary slip

In the modern world, online systems are of course a must. Likewise in company management and employees. The use of human resources or applications in such industries is a requirement to be called a modern company. This HR application is usually also equipped with slip management features, monthly salary, and so on. For salary slip features, there are some conveniences that this HR service will be provided for companies and employees.

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a. The right calculation

First and especially in the inclusion of slip and employee salaries, calculation accuracy is needed. Because it is true that must be given to employees, counting and recording errors related to salaries are very not justified. In addition to harming employees, this can also reduce the image of both the company in the labor market.

With the right HR application, the company can rely on salary calculations and record salaries in existing systems. No need to doubt the accuracy of calculations, because each calculation is integrated in the database provided so that it will provide output in the form of records and the correct amount of salary.

b. Simplicity of delivery

By using online salaries, companies and employees no longer need to spend time-to-face time to solve routine problems such as sending this file. Through the HR application used, the company can directly send files and almost at the same time received by employees.

Given that this file is the output of an online HR management system, it will be very easy to send. The company’s HR department only needs to access the application, download data slip, then send it to each employee owned in the company, based on the calculation and base of each database.

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Benefits of Online Systems for Employees

In addition to bringing comfort to the company, the system used will also be beneficial for employees in general.

a. Safe and neat archiving

Given that the file sent is digital, of course archiving will tend to be safer and neat. Employees can take advantage of the features in the application used to save salary payment slip files without fear of losing or leaking information. In addition, the archive will be neat and systematic, sequential based on the month of reception.

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b. Can be seen anytime

Has an employee carrying his salary with him wherever he goes? Certainly not. Payroll slips will usually be stored at home, because they are personal and confidential documents. Not infrequently this will be troublesome when it comes time to use a slip for various purposes.

By accessing the smartphone held by each employee, this file can be used at any time. Be seen, monitored and used more practically. This file can then be printed at any time at various ends, which facilitates the employee task.

c. Risk of damage to files

Since the storage system is managed by the company and the HR service provider, the risk of file damage will be minimized. Salary payment caps are legal documents that indicate the status of work and the amount of employee income. For this file to be guaranteed by its security and confidentiality.

The online management system on the payroll glaps has been widely used. The facility and practicality offered proved to be advantageous for society and employees. It has sufficiently high value for the current industry.


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