Tips to Increase Web Traffic and Blog – Whatever the type of site you have, whether it is a personal blog or an official website, to increase web traffic and blogs, a strategy remains necessary. Why is that? Because, according to the global web size, until September 3, 2016, there were 4.71 billion web pages in the world. With such a number, search engines are a jungle and increasing circulation is like hunting with billions of competitors.

If we do not have a qualified marketing strategy, it is not impossible to go home without bringing anything. Our website will be alone, become a cave filled with spider canvases and yes a solitary website is bad for business, right?

Talking about strategy, web content and digital marketing is like fluid water. Today, the strategy we apply could achieve significant results, tomorrow, this could be the opposite, because this science continues to evolve with the development of technology itself. However, there are 3 occasional strategies that have been proven to increase the traffic of websites. What are they? Let’s discuss one by one.

How to increase web traffic and blog

The strategy we will discuss this time is part of the web content strategy, in other words, thus optimizing our new web content for promotion, not the opposite.

Content marketing consists of creating content, images, etc. For your website, your social media and any support you use in order to create readers or consumers interested in what you have to offer. (Mike NCUBE, 2015: 70)

1. Active in various blogs and forums

How to socialize in cyberspace is almost the same as in the real world. Nobody will know us if we do not introduce ourselves. Get out of your Dashboard website first, get out of your circle of friends on social media, then stroll to other blogs, let good comments, be active in forums, group assets, active any where allows you to know the new people.

By commenting on other blogs or be active in forums and groups, you bring the name of your website and get together at the same time. Indeed, the backlinks of comments and forums will not be considered referencing and have no effect on the ranking, but they are always considered traffic.

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Here are a few tips:

Define a target audience

Look for which blogs and forums are relevant for your website.


Choose a website or blog that has a high traffic, is visited and its niche is compliant with our blog. Do not need too much, choose 5 to 7 blogs or forums, visit regularly once a week or twice a week and make comments.

Constructive Way

You do not need to promote your blog directly, you no longer need to send invitations to visit. Simply leave relevant comments when blogs and constructive (constructive comments) when on forums. Polish comment, choose formal or semi-formal words. Slang, okay? Well, according to the blog or forum where you start, Hmm.


Threads in forums are usually questions or discussions on a subject. If you have valuable skills or contribution, do not hesitate to contribute. Positive comments will attract people to your blog.

No spam

Avoid giving comments that do not seem trivials such as “Nice Post”, “Thank you for sharing”, or “so cool”. Such comments will only be considered spam and will have no effect, and will not attract any effect to your blog.

Tip: Agree also the habit of responding to comments on your own site.

2. Guest position

In simple terms, the guest display is to be a guest writer or writing for another website. In the past, the guest display was one of the off-site referencing methods to harvest backlinks, but not today. Since Google publishes Google Panda, an algorithm code that focuses on the content of quality and Google Penguin (we will discuss it later), guest messages have become a problem for several reasons.

Benefits of Guest Post

Apart from traffic, what are the benefits of guest posting?

Expanding your target market or readership

Each site has a different demographic of readers. When you are a guest writer on another website, you are promoting yourself and your site to a new audience. If these new readers like your writing, of course they will continue to follow your writing, wherever it is published .

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When we accept guest writers who of course have different writing styles, your readers won’t get bored quickly. Well , that doesn’t mean they are bored either, just think of it as a distraction and refreshment.

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Honing technique

Writing for someone else’s site is sometimes different from writing for your own site. As a writer who cares about quality improvement, guest posts can be used as an opportunity to hone techniques as well as explore writing styles.


Imagine if, for example, you were writing for a website that was more popular than your own. Isn’t this going to be some kind of jack? Yes, it does seem to be popular. But hey, this has positive fame, of course.


Maintaining good relationships with fellow bloggers or other website managers is good for business.

Tips for choosing a guest post partner

Before you start looking for partners for guest posts, there are some points to keep in mind:


Choose a partner whose niche blog is relevant for your blog or at least close. It is to keep you in the corridor of the authority. For example, we are a cloud web hosting service provider, which is discussed on our blog on Internet technology, web, SEO, content, digital marketing and other relevant topics. We will not invite mombloggers to discuss parental subjects here.


Some corporate websites usually invite writers invited to share specific topics. What kind of author has been chosen? Of course, those who are credible in their fields, even academics, are practitioners. So before deciding to become a guest writer, make sure you are actually credible in this area.

For example, you are a computer programmer and you have a blog that is dedicated to it. One day, you are asked to write on a website whose main topic is human rights and you are not an activist and you do not have other blogs that discuss the rights of the ‘man. Even if you could write about it, for example, what would readers think of your writing?


Avoid duplicating the content or simply move the contents of your blog to another blog. Write something new, unique and useful for readers.


When we are in a new place, we tend to want to show in order to promote excessively. For example, include a profile of 500 words really useless. Let your writing make the conversation, representing who and how qualified you are in the area under discussion. If you need to include a profile, keep it short, concise and clear.

Tip: Use rel = “non-follow” when publishing links to avoid being penalized by Google.

Where to look for invited post partners?

Here are some sources of guest partnership to choose from:

  • Comrades bloggers whom you already know.
  • Submission of offers to other blogs or websites.
  • Forums or groups on social media.
  • Make ads on your own site.
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Important Note: Great websites usually charge fees at the invitation of a guest writer.

3. Video Marketing

The video is an effective audiovisual communication medium and a web content strategy. Recently, the function of the video is far from it, the video is no longer a “complement” to a blog but held alone as a blog. You are definitely familiar with video blogs or vlogging, right? But we will not do that now.

If you are a blogger or business owner and have not yet thought of making a video, you should start thinking about this way. Because video marketing has many advantages that are a pity if they are ignored:

  • As a means of marketing products, websites, companies, even yourself.
  • As a way to add value to blog items.
  • Make readers stay longer if the video is integrated into the content.
  • Welcomes several audiences (those who prefer to look rather than reading)

Sources of traffic traffic. Even if the link that comes from YouTube has no direct effect on the referencing because it is automatically set to rel = “non-follow”, it always affects the traffic.

Just like on a blog, you can also place ads or adsense on YouTube so that if your channel is visited, it will automatically increase your income.

What kind of video should you do? Is it a video of everyday life? If you are not a celebrity or you have interesting activities, you should be wise in choosing video content.

  • Choose the best content or the best content of your website and make a video.
  • Cover of events.
  • Create videos to complete the content.
  • Introduce a product, a website or a company.
  • Be careful when you make videos

Things to take into account when making videos:

Quality and sound quality

Even if you are not a pro, you should always pay attention to the quality of the video. Make clear images with a clear sound.


Some smartphones have sufficient quality to make videos, but even so that videos with a dedicated device is still much better. Use a pocket camera, DSLR, without a mirror or handycam.

Editing Software

To create animated videos or motion graphics, use software specifically designed for that. For example, Adobe After Effects, Blender, Synfig Studio, etc.
Before downloading, make sure the video is properly modified so that it’s worth looking.


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